Private Coaching

Transforming your life from the inside-out

Do you ever feel completely stuck or blocked – and not even sure where to start?
And you worry whether you'll ever get your mojo back again?
Have you tried to make changes but keep sabotaging yourself?
Maybe you don’t even know what the block is.

Is this how you feel…
You don’t feel fulfilled, but don’t know what direction to take.
You aren’t making the money you desire.
Basically, you aren’t satisfied with the life you are living.  
You know there is so much more, you want it, but don’t know how to get there.

If you can relate to any of this so far keep reading…because there is a solution.

The problem with feeling this way is that reading another book, listening to a CD or investing in a group program won't work - and you could be spinning your wheels for years. 

The truth is...Sometimes you need a more personalized approach to making changes in your life. You need to actually discuss in detail how you are feeling with someone you trust completely. Someone who has the experience and expertise - and who can guide you on how to feel fully alive again.


As your coach, I believe that everything you need to experience peace and live a fulfilling life is within you. I am merely a guide to help you tap into your inner wisdom and let go of your blocks, so you can live the life of your dreams. 

I have in-depth training, a lifetime of experience, and a whole lot of passion. I use state-of-the-art mindset tools including Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or Tapping) to assist clients with letting go of blocks and experiencing their full potential.


It is simply a matter of  taking time to stop, go inward, and remove the blocks that are preventing you from shining bright and living life fully. 




Are you ready to live life fully?   

I recently worked with Diane on a one to one basis and I am so grateful to have had that opportunity. Through Diane’s guidance, I have been able to focus on clarifying where I need to be in this world, visualizing myself in that place and opening myself to the opportunities that will lead me there. Diane gently questions, encourages and guides in a way that makes you feel safe and never judged. Through EFT, meditation, and visualization I have learned to really be in the moment and connect with everything around me. I have also learned to dig deep within myself to understand myself on a deeper level and be able to let go of judgment, fear, and doubt. Diane has helped me think differently, react differently and I find myself sharing with others who are looking for the same guidance. Diane has helped me on my journey to find the best version of myself. A wonderful teacher, cheerleader, and supporter, I am blessed to have been guided to her and I am excited for all that is possible.
— Tracey Barlow Calgary, AB
I have recently completed Diane’s coaching program and I can honestly say that it has been the single most life changing experience for me.

Diane is a patient and wise guide who helped me to recognize areas where I was blocked emotionally and spiritually. She listened non-judgmentally and gave me the tools to effectively work through the challenges I was facing. I am so excited about living with more clarity and kindness to myself and others as a result.

I am so thankful that Diane came along just when I needed her and that she has been a significant part of my journey. I know that I will take this knowledge and these tools and carry them with me throughout my life. I believe that anyone would benefit from Diane’s gentle guidance, experienced teaching, and caring support for their own life paths.
— Andrea Klooster London, ON
Diane’s coaching has been life changing.
Her patience has helped me deal with stress, anxiety, grief and relationships with my loved ones. Diane never makes judgements about what I say or tell me how to behave. During our sessions she gives me guidance, and her questions are key factors in peeling away layers of my past that I no longer need. I have come to realize through Diane that I am a beautiful person and that living in the moment is far more enjoyable than looking back in the past or trying to create my future.
— Guenter Draudt London, ON