SimplyPresent™ Mindfulness Program  

4 Weeks - Level 1   

Wednesdays: September 20, 27, October 4, 11

Finding peace, calm and balance in a busy world

Most people think meditation is something they could never do because they are too stressed out or have WAY too many thoughts. This is not true. Anyone can meditate. All that is required is the desire. Believe me, if I can do it you can do it too.

Experience how practicing mindfulness can release stress, calm your mind and body and create over-all well-being.  Learn practical tools you can use during the day to slow down your busy mind; be more present, calm and aware; handle the busyness of your life with more ease and respond rather than react. Experience greater acceptance and compassion for yourself and others.  Feel empowered as you take charge of your mind and your life!


  • SimplyPresent Mindfulness Workbook
  • Guided meditations by Diane
  • Learn in a supportive, relaxing environment
  • Coaching via email

Time: 7:00-9:00pm      Location: London, ON  (central location)
Spring Special!  Pay only $160 (+hst)
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I was so impressed with the organization of the course and specifically Diane’s teaching. She took a group of people of varied backgrounds and experiences and made us all comfortable enough with each other to participate in very open sharing and growth. To say I looked forward to the weekly sessions is an understatement. Thanks so much!
— Tom Howes London, ON
Diane’s four week meditation class has shown me a new way of interpreting my own thoughts and I already feel an amazing difference in my energy and mood. What a valuable investment! Thanks Diane!
— Shelley Sanderson London, ON
This is a great course for managers and leaders looking to build on their emotional intelligence. It gave me further insight into the importance of listening and how this can serve as a powerful management tool.
— Mike Wedderburn London, ON
We live in constant chaos. With the tools that I have been given in Diane’s course I am learning to be still amidst the noise. When I’m still, I can ‘be’. When I can ‘be’, I reach my potential.
— Marcie O. London, ON