New online course!   Special Promotional Price only $97

Your employees can receive the same course material and benefits as an in-class program, with the added ease and convenience of working around their schedules and at their own pace.

Employees will learn the practical tools and solutions required to train the mind to be present and clear; increasing productivity, enhancing emotional intelligence, reducing stress and improving self-regulation.

No experience required! We start at the beginning and most importantly, there’s no doing it wrong.


Your online course includes:

  • 6 VIDEOS with instruction and guidance 
  • 6 of Diane’s Guided Meditations
  • 12 emails (2 per week) with guidance, inspiration and your ‘home-play’ for the week
  • Weekly Hand-outs
  • Private Discussion with Diane – you can ask questions, get clarity and share your experiences

You will learn the tools to:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improve mental, emotional & physical well-being
  • Calm the mind, relax the body and live more in the moment
  • Increase your self-awareness & self-esteem
  • Improve time management skills & handle the busyness of your day with more ease
  • Improve communication skills & relationships with others
  • Increase emotional intelligence & ‘be’ with your emotions
  • Increase mental resilience and ability to handle change
  • 'Push the reset button' anytime during the day
  • Be happy & enjoy life!

6 week course

$97 CAD