Mindful Monday: When someone takes YOUR parking spot!

Mindful Monday: When someone takes YOUR parking spot!

I know this is a VERY deep topic today and something we can all relate to.

When someone takes YOUR parking spot!

It happened to me on Black Friday. I went to the mall. (I forgot it was Black Friday. Oops!) and the parking lot was packed. I kept circling around to find a spot and finally I found one. So I put my blinker on and I waited (it felt like forever) until the person pulled out. 

Then...boom! Someone else came around the corner and drove right into MY parking spot. How dare they!

I noticed my body getting tense and I wanted to tell that person 'You took my parking spot!"

I was aware of the tension in my body and I was aware of my thoughts and in that moment of awareness I could've let it all go - but I didn't. I chose to hang onto to the pissed off feeling and the negative thoughts. 

When I found another parking spot I pulled in and started laughing at myself..and thought..if losing a parking spot is the worst thing that happened to me today then I have a blessed life.

So...If you do venture out to the malls during this busy holiday season and someone takes YOUR parking spot...Do a good deed.  Let them.  I guess they need it more than you.

To your peace + well-being,