Mindful Monday: How to be Ultra Spiritual

Mindful Monday:  How to be Ultra Spiritual

September has always been a significant month for me. A time when I have started new things and made big changes, a lot of which have altered my life in big ways.

Recently I was reflecting that it was in September, 24 years ago, that I went to my first meditation retreat and learned to mediate. I’d love to say that since that day I’ve been a dedicated meditator but that’s not how my story goes.

Mindful Monday: Is Fear Holding You Back? Keeping You Stuck?

Mindful Monday: Is Fear Holding You Back? Keeping You Stuck?

As humans we will experience a full gamut of emotions - one of them being fear.
When we are afraid we feel a sensation in our body. The default reaction is usually to push the fear away or push it down. We want it to be gone. But the more we push it down or try to get rid of it, the longer it will stay.

Mindful Monday: Loving the Parts We Don’t Like

Mindful Monday:  Loving the Parts We Don’t Like

Last week we talked about “the problem with perfect”. Could you relate? Most of us can, at least to some degree.

There are times we may feel more confident, aware, focused and in a good groove and ‘The Perfectionist’ isn’t on our radar but there are also times when our inner critic – you know, that negative, nagging voice judging from the depths of our subconscious mind – is front and center and begging for attention.

Mindful Monday: The Greatest Gift of All

Happy holidays! I know this can be a busy time – last minute everything! Hopefully you’re able to enjoy a few moments of mindfulness in the midst of it all. One way I do this for myself is through reflection and bringing my focus back to what’s really important to me.

What keeps coming up for me is being present, being of service, and the gift of giving.

“For it is in giving that we receive.”   – Saint Francis of Assisi

Mindful Monday: Is it possible to be grateful + at peace?...amongst tragedy + chaos

Mindful Monday:  Is it possible to be grateful + at peace?...amongst tragedy + chaos 

I hope this finds you all well. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians as you enjoy a long holiday weekend!
It’s a time of year when many choose to gather with family and friends, give thanks, and focus on all we have to be grateful for. I have so much in my life to be grateful for and I am. But earlier this week, my heart was heavy with sadness over the horrific events taking place around our world. When I heard the news about Las Vegas the thought, "What is happening in our world?!" kept running through my mind.
With feelings of shock and sadness also came a desire to take action. But how? What could I do?

I meditated.

I allowed myself to feel all of the feelings I was feeling and let the thoughts come and go (there were lots!). During my meditation, I chose to send blessings of love, peace, and well-being to all of the victims and people who were affected by this tragedy. When my meditation was over and I opened my eyes I felt grounded and peaceful. I took care of myself and then had the capacity to send love and well wishes to people in need. And I continue to do this.

I can't change a lot of things that are happening in the world; natural disasters, war, murder...but I can choose to be a beacon of light. We all can. And we can do this every day in really simple ways (in our actions and words) with our family, friends, and community. 

We are all agents of change.  
Every time we meditate and connect to the stillness and peace within, when we are peaceful, present and loving, that energy is sent out and felt by all of humanity.

All of humanity is connected at the level of consciousness. We are one.
Each thought we think holds a frequency and LOVE is the highest frequency of all. (This isn't woo woo stuff. Science has proven this.) When we focus on love and kindness it has a huge impact on the healing of our planet and all living beings.


So today and the days to come, will you join me in being part of the solution and healing? 

Right now - will you take a moment and stop.
Feel your breath moving through your body.
Imagine - or simply have the intention - to send love from your heart. Send it to whoever and wherever you would like it to go.
Envision people being happy, healthy and safe.
Wish all beings well.
All that is required is the intention. 
As a helpful tool, enjoy my Loving Kindness Meditation (5 minutes) 
During this meditation, you will be guided to give love and well wishes to yourself and then send it out to others. 


With Love,