Mindful Monday: Stressed about being stressed? This seems to be the new normal.

Mindful Mondays: Stressed about being stressed? This seems to be the new normal.

We all have stress, right?

Some stress is actually good for us.  

Unfortunately, a lot people are stressed out most of the time.

It has become the norm...It was my norm for years and years.

How often do you hear someone say  "I am SO stressed!"   Everyday?

Interestingly enough...

I know lots of people who have busy lives, and they aren't talking about how stressed they are. Stressful things can happen in their life - but their norm is not being stressed.

And what do they all have in common?

They have a regular meditation practice.
They take time to be still.
They spend time in nature.
They are connected with other like-minded people.
They have a purpose and are giving back to society.

This is not new information.

But so many people are frantically scrambling around looking for peace, and at the same time, trying to prove to everyone how perfect their life is, and how happy they are.

And the result...

Peace is no where to be found. They feel empty on the inside and wonder why.

This is the new norm in our society. 

This was me. I know what this feels like. It is painful.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Life can be challenging and messy at times. It is not always peaceful and rosy.

The difference for me now is - I'm not running away from life or searching desperately for peace on the outside.

In order to experience peace - it requires me to be in the moment with whatever shows up.

And the biggie...

Peace is not found on the outside in what we have or what you do.

True peace is eternal and it is available to each and everyone one us - in this moment. It is simply a matter of taking the time to stop, go inward and be still. 

To your peace, joy + well-being,