Mindful Monday: Acknowledging Your Inner Child

Somewhere inside each and every one of us, there is an Inner Child. The True Nature of that inner child is to be carefree, happy, innocent, gentle, inquisitive, creative, and playful.

 But by the time we reach adulthood, many of us are holding on to an Inner Child who is hurt and afraid.

 We are receptive beings. We have recorded in the memory cells of our bodies every message we have ever received. Some of these messages are helpful and vital to our health and well-being. Other messages may have been twisted, mixed, limiting or destructive, and this child may be hurt, traumatized, scared or think “I’m not good enough.”

 This past year I have done a lot of work with my Inner Child. I have healed on a very deep level and as a result, I feel better than I ever have in my life. It has been deeply profound, humbling and fascinating at how sophisticated the subconscious mind is.

 What I learned was my Inner Child did not want to be fixed. It wanted to be acknowledged. It wanted love and compassion. And when I gave this, the healing began. 

 Many times we have buried the pain of the past. We don’t want to feel our emotions or when the emotions show up we push them down, judge them, hide them and want them gone.

 What if these emotions or pain are our Inner Child, looking for attention and wanting to be loved and acknowledged, held and comforted?

 Until we heal our Inner Child we will be controlled to some degree - large or small. It will show up in various ways, like constantly sabotaging ourselves.

 ●We set an intention to move forward and we never follow through.

●We are blocked with success, love, fulfillment and don’t know why.

●We get triggered easily, have anxiety, fear, fight or flight, or react impulsively.

 These behaviours make no logical sense. We can’t figure it out and it feels impossible to change it. Until at some point it becomes unbearable and we surrender.

 This surrender is actually victory. It is the first step to our healing and freedom.

 What if we, as the adult, stepped back and held space for the child within that needs our love?

I can tell you from my experience – this is when the transformation happens.

The Inner Child wants to hear things from us like…
“I am sorry I forgot you or judged you. I am here for you now.”
“I love you, I care about you and I accept you just the way you are.”
“You are beautiful.”
“You are so strong.”
“You are precious.”

 I have shared with you before that I am an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) practitioner. Using this technique has been a big part of my healing. It is a technique that goes directly to the subconscious, and efficiently removes blocks and heals the wounds of the inner child, allowing us to reconnect to our fullest potential and peace within.  

 The journey to feeling whole and connected to our True Self includes loving the Inner Child within.

 I am attracting more and more clients who are ready to heal their inner child and what is blocking them from living life to the fullest.  They may not know it is their inner child that is blocking them or keeping them stuck and yet it is showing up over and over again.

We all have a story. We all have wounds and hurts. You can’t go through life without scars. The good news we can heal these wounds and be free.

 It is so beautiful to witness this transformation.

If you are interested in learning more about my private coaching program, please contact me. I am here to support you on the path to being whole.

With love,