Mindful Monday: Don’t Fight the Flow!

Do you ever have one of those days when you’re totally in the flow?

You know - when synchronicities happen left, right and centre; ideas flow, you meet the right people at the right time, you think of something and it appears, and everything seems effortless.

When this happens do you say…

“I CAN’T believe this just happened to me?”
“I CAN believe this happened to me. I’m so grateful. What else is possible?”

The last several weeks I have become more aware of how things are falling into place effortlessly; in ways I couldn’t have imagined. They were always falling into place, and now I am acknowledging it more.

I feel very supported by the Universe and the people in my life, and it has caused me to be more aware of my mindset.

I love exploring this!

When these synchronicities and gifts from the Universe occur, I am now appreciating them in the moment. I stop and think to myself ‘Thank you. I’m so grateful.’

I feel open and deserving. This is key. Because if we don’t feel deserving, we will block the flow of abundance, goodness, and synchronicities into our life.

For me, it always begins with cultivating self-worth and self-love. Living life from the inside-out.

We are co-creators with the Universe. So why not choose the positive - to be open, grateful, love ourselves, and receive the abundance that we deserve.

A perfect example of this concept is nature. Nature is in the flow. It doesn’t resist anything. No wonder it is so peaceful and relaxing when we are surrounded by nature.

What if being in the flow is our natural way of being and putting in too much effort and forcing things is unnatural?

Many people have bought into the societal belief that life is hard and we must apply force to get ahead. I get exhausted and tense just thinking about it!

This is a mindset – and if a mindset isn’t working for us anymore we can change it at any given time. It’s a choice.

Take a moment and consider how it feels to think:

“I am open to living life in the flow.”
“I am grateful to live my life in the flow.”
“I am living my life in the flow.”

Notice what happens in your body when you choose to focus on these statements.

Does it feel comfortable, open, at ease? Or maybe your body constricts, or your mind starts thinking, “No you’re not”.

Wherever we are is perfect.

If there is an openness, observe that.
If there is resistance, observe that.

One experience is not better than the other. It is simply information that can provide us with more insight as to where we are in the moment.

When we meet ourselves wherever we are at, with non-judgment and curiosity, we are cultivating self-love.

When our mind is more present, we are more relaxed, more open, and more connected to who we are and to life.

This is where I choose to hang out. What about you?