Tools For Managing Stress + Anxiety

3 weeks
Wednesdays: November 28, December 5,12

Are you feeling super stressed? 
Is anxiety controlling your life? 
Does it feel like a vicious cycle that's impossible to get out of?

I have been there and believe me, there is a solution. Mindfulness.

Most of anxiety is created in the mind - specifically when we are constantly caught up in worrisome future-based thinking. This is good news because thoughts can be changed. Meaning so can the anxiety.

Join me for this transformative course. Learn simple and practical tools you can use from morning to night to reduce stress and anxiety, calm your mind and body and live more in the moment. Feel empowered and at peace as you take charge of your mind and your life.

Life is short. You deserve to enjoy every minute.


  • Hand-outs

  • Guided meditations by Diane

  • Learn in a supportive and relaxing environment

  • Learn in a small group setting (max. 8 people)

  • Coaching via email

Time: 7:00-9:00pm Location: London, ON, (Central Location)
Price: $147