Mindful Monday: Are you addicted to being busy?

Mindful Monday: Are you addicted to being busy?

We live in a funny world. It seems everywhere you go people are telling each other how busy and stressed out they are.

When you see someone they ask, 
“How’s it going?
Are you keeping busy?”

We wear it like a badge of honour. 

If I were to say to someone that I am relaxed and feeling in the flow....They will probably think I'm lazy and not working hard enough! 

What is wrong with this picture?

The truth...

The people who are constantly talking about being busy, and not taking time to stop, pause and reflect are not the most productive - they are the least productive. They are distracted, stressed and overwhelmed. There is never enough time in the day for them and, more importantly, they aren't enjoying their life.  

It is scientifically proven when we meditate we are activating the part of the brain that we need to be focused, organized and creative - the pre-frontal cortex. When we are stressed the prefrontal cortex shrivels up like a pea and we wonder why we can't focus.   

The Key: Work smarter. Not harder.

Successful people who have a healthy, balanced life take time in their day to pause, reflect and get refocused. 

This week take time everyday to pause. (You do have time!)

In fact, you can start right now.

Take 3 mindful breaths. Observing the breath as you inhale and observing the breath as you exhale.

Try this too...
Start your day with intention and purpose
Meditate - and 'be' 
Stop and bring your focus to your breath at different times during the day
Go for a walk and clear your mind

To your peace & well-being,