Mindful Monday: This is what I learned from a 6 year old....

Mindful Monday: This is what I learned from a 6 year old....

I recently bought a painting. The artist picked it out just for me and I absolutely love it. It's called 'Super Star' and everytime I look at it it makes me smile.

Who's the artist? My great-niece Annie.

Annie is 6 years old and she took it upon herself to organize her own art show to raise money for a children's hospital. Pretty incredible, right?!

I love being around Annie. She is super creative - loves to dance, play and have fun. She is a bundle of joy and whenever I am with her, I can't help but be in the moment and feel happy.      

Children are naturally creative. They live in the moment and they don’t question their creative abilities....and then they grow up.

Most adults have forgotten how to play, be creative and have fun. We can take things WAY too seriously. We are always in a rush, and very rarely in the moment.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Would you like to live more in the moment and enjoy life like children do? 

Stop Stressing and Practice Mindfulness.

Research has proven that practicing mindfulness increases your creativity and stress decreases your creativity. 

No wonder Google, one of the leading edge companies in the world, has a mindfulness training program for all of their employees! 

When you Practicing Mindfulness you are:
* Unlearning' those limiting beliefs that hold you back
* Letting go of stresses and 'the weight of the world' 
* Training your mind to be present like it was when you were a child.

What does mindfulness look like?  
* When you become aware you are taking yourself or something too seriously. Stop & do a reality check. 
Ask yourself - Is it really that big of a deal? Or is this a first world problem? (Yep, I thought so)
* Take time to meditate and chill out - it's a game changer
* Do something creative - dance, paint, write, sing
* Step out of your comfort zone and do something new
* Go for a walk in nature and take in everything around you

And if you are struggling with trying to meditate or don't know how to relax and still your mind, come to one of my upcoming courses.

Trust me - it will save you a lot of time and frustration. 

SimplyPresent Mindfulness Course    4 weeks
Thursdays: November 10, 17 ,24, Dec. 1
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To your peace, well-being...and fun!