Mindful Monday: Calling All Control Freaks! Are you ready to let go?

Mindful Monday: Calling All Control Freaks! Are you ready to let go?

Do you ever wake up in the morning, have your day completely planned in your head and it doesn’t turn out that way?

Happens all of the time, right?

The truth is we can’t control anything on the outside. (It hurts just thinking about this, doesn't it?)

The only thing we can control is...our thinking and how we respond to what life presents.

 People who practice mindfulness have a mental resilience. They learn how to go with the flow and respond rather than react. 

 What does mindfulness look like?

Anytime you become aware you are resisting something or someone….

* STOP. Hit the pause button. 

* Have the willingness to let go of the negative thinking. (Sometimes we don't want to let go of the negative thinking! We choose to be angry, frustrated, pissed off!)

* Bring your focus to the breath

* Breathe into your body. Place your focus on your body as you inhale and exhale.

* As you inhale think 'I am at peace' or 'I am in the moment'. As you exhale think 'I am calm'.

* Go for a short walk or do something to break the moment. 

Every time you practice this, you are changing the neural pathways in the brain, and learning how to respond rather than react.

This is powerful stuff!  And you made the choice.

"If you want reality to be different than what it is, you might as well try to teach a cat to bark."  Byron Katie

Have a great week!