Mindful Monday: Have anxiety? You’re not alone.

Mindful Monday: Have anxiety? You’re not alone.

Do you ever have anxiety or know someone who does?

I sure do. Anxiety is on the rise.

For years I had anxiety and it was all-consuming. My mind was going non-stop, and it was constantly worried about when my next anxiety attack was going to be. This worry and obsession with my anxiety created MORE anxiety in the body. It became a vicious cycle and it was so frustrating!

Things began to change when I started to meditate.

More and more doctors are recommending mindfulness for patients with anxiety. 

Why? Because it works.

Thoughts are powerful!

The mind is the 'master' and the 'body' is the servant. So whatever thoughts are going through your mind are instantly messaged down to your body.

Anxiety can be caused when we are focused on and worried about the future.

The good news is...
When you start to calm the mind with meditation and a mindfulness practice, the body follows suit and is able to release stress from the nervous system. The body starts to calm down and feel safe.

How can you start?
* Set the intention to observe your thinking during the day. Be curious.
* Whenever you realize you are focused on a stress-filled thought or worried about the future…
* Stop.
* Notice the thought. Don’t judge it or push it away. (The judging and pushing will create stress and anxiety in the body)
* Say to yourself 'That's interesting my mind is thinking that.' (no judgment simply observing)
* Bring your focus to the breath.
* Take some nice long deep breaths in and out. Inhale think 'I am at peace and exhale think 'I am calm'...or 'I am safe.' The body likes to know it is safe.

Also, taking time everyday to meditate will clear built up stress in your nervous, calm the mind and bring so much more happiness into your day and life. Even just 5 minutes!

Like anything this takes practice.

And you can start right now by simply stopping and taking a few long deep breaths. Your body mind and body will love it.

Enjoy the moment!