Mindful Monday: Thoughts aren't the problem. Thinking is.

Mindful Monday:  Thoughts aren't the problem.  Thinking is.

Would you say your mind has a lot of thoughts?

Well, the average person thinks 60-80,000 thoughts a day! That’s a lot of thinking. No wonder most people are rarely present in the moment.

This is the deal…

Thoughts aren’t the problem, thinking is. 

Most people are constantly focused on pushing away thoughts or judging them.

The problem with this is…

What you resist persists - so the more you push your thoughts away, the more they come back with greater force, becoming a vicious cycle that feels impossible to get out of.

What does mindfulness look like? 
* As you go about your day set the intention to observe or notice your thoughts.
* Anytime you become aware you are getting caught up in thought, STOP.
* Say to yourself ‘That’s interesting the mind is thinking that’.
* Take a mindful breath or two.
* Continue on with a new moment.
* There is no judgment or pushing the thought away, simply noticing.
* You are choosing what you wish to focus on.
* You are training the mind to be present, positive and clear.

This is how change happens - one positive choice at a time. 

Enjoy exploring the moment!