Mindful Monday: Want to change the outside in 2017? Start with the inside.

Mindful Monday: Want to change the outside in 2017?  Start with the inside.

I feel so grateful for the work I do.  I have the honour of witnessing people grow, feel happier, more positive and start to make choices to live their life fully.

How does it get any better than this?

When I meet a client who's life is filled with chaos or they aren't fulfilled - it is guaranteed their mind is chaotic and filled with limiting beliefs that are stopping them from moving forward and seeing who they really are. 

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
~ Wayne W. Dyer

I absolutely love those  'light bulb' moments when a client has a shift in perception and says..."Something is changing.  I feel more calm this week.  I am choosing what thoughts I focus on.  I feel good about myself. I can do this!"

How does this shift happen? It seems like a miracle.

It's simple.

When you practice mindfulness in your daily life you are training your mind to be present, positive and still.  You are becoming more self-aware.  You are choosing what you wish to focus on.

What you focus on grows. 

The biggest trap people get into is they focus on what they don't want.

If you are focused on thoughts like...
“I’m not smart enough.” 
"I could never do that."
"I'm afraid to fail." 
"People won't like it if I change."
"I can't follow my dreams because..."
“I’m always stressed and it's impossible to change." 
"I never have enough money."
This will be your reality.

In order to create change on the outside, we have to start to make changes on the inside.

Meaning - Change our thinking. 

What does mindfulness look like?
Anytime you become aware you are thinking a negative thought you can:
* Stop.
* Don't push the thought away. Notice the thought.
* Make a choice to gently bring your focus to the breath.
* Take 3 mindful breaths.
* Consciously think a positive thought. 

When you practice these simple steps you are changing the neural pathways in your brain. YOU are training your mind what to focus on - rather than your mind controlling you.

You have the power within you.  The possibilities are endless. 

Are you ready to tap into it?

To your peace + well-being,