Mindful Monday: Do you ever feel alone or disconnected?

Mindful Monday: Do you ever feel alone or disconnected?

I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again...

We have a lot in common.

I'm not talking about what we have or what we do. 

I'm talking about who we are at the core.

As humans, we basically long for the same thing.

Connection and Love.

We are wired that way.

The interesting thing is...we live in these busy cities filled with lots of people, and yet we are more disconnected than ever - from ourselves and those around us. 

Believe me. I know ALL about being disconnected.  

I spent a lot of my life searching for love and connection - through other people. I was always on the go. I never wanted to be alone. In fact, I didn't like being with me. 

The search seemed endless.  

Until one day I finally stopped searching...and started to go within.

As humans, we are SO similar.

Connection and love is available to each and everyone one of us.

Where do you start?

* It starts with taking time to stop and get connected to who you are.
* Start to observe yourself. Who are you? What do you like? What matters to you? 
* Take time to meditate everyday - even for 5 minutes.

Some people tell me "I don't have time to meditate."

And I say to them..."Do you have time for stress?" (Yep - that's what I thought)

We all have choices. Sometimes making these choices can feel uncomfortable. It did for me - and it's worth it.

Some Excellent Meditation Apps are:
Insight Timer - Two of my meditations are on this App  :)
Smiling Mind
Head Space

To your peace + well-being,