Mindful Monday: 2017: Are you focused on what you want...or don't want?

Mindful Monday: 2017: Are you focused on what you want...or don't want?

Happy 2017!  It is a new year filled with possibilities. 

So the big question is...

What do you desire in 2017? 

Have you taken time to reflect on this?
(if you haven't, it's not too late!)

Last week I took time to be still, meditate and reflect on 2016.

I wrote about my year...what happened, my successes, my challenges and what I learned.

As I wrote about my successes as well as the challenging times, I started to feel compassion for myself.  I saw my strengths - including in situations that may have appeared to be 'failures' (I don't believe in failure).  I saw my willingness to be vulnerable and step out of my comfort zone a lot.  A lot happened last year. 

Now I am taking time to focus on what I desire in 2017 on a personal and professional level - and then making a plan.  I will also run it by my coach and get her feedback and support.

This is what mindfulness looks like.

It is living life with intention.  It is taking time to pause and be part of the creation process in your life. Rather than living life on autopilot.

The people I know who are living their life fully aren't 'lucky'.

They are focused.

They take time to create their life with intention.

So what are you focused on today? 

Are you clear on what you desire for 2017?

Are you focused on what you want or what you don't want?

Most people are focused on what they don't want. And what you focus on grows.  So the more you are focused on what you don't - the more you will attract what you don't want.  You will feel stuck or caught up in a vicious cycle and wonder why. 

You have a choice. We all do.

And the thing is - even though I have set out some plans for this year. I might end up going down a totally different path.  I'm ok with that.  It's called living life on life's terms.

I'm grateful to have a meditation practice that allows me to be more fluid and clear - and I'm grateful to know that everything I need to experience peace is within me.    

I look forward to sharing this year with you!