Mindful Monday: Gossip is Toxic.

Mindful Monday:  Gossip is Toxic.

I always like to share with you whatever is on my mind or a topic that other people are bringing up. 

So this week I wanted to talk with you about the power of what we speak.

Everything starts in the mind with a thought – and from there we can choose what we do with it.

We can react to it, talk about it or observe it.

I teach mindfulness in the workplace and a topic that is brought up a lot is the problem with gossip. It is toxic. And whether it exists in our personal lives with family, friends, strangers or our professional lives...it still has the same negative, harmful impact.


This is the deal…

When someone likes to gossip or is constantly judging or saying negative things about other people, this person is filled with a lot of judgment and negativity towards themselves and they are projecting it outward.

This is what my clients share with me...

When they start to meditate and practice mindfulness, not only does their thinking start to change, so does their behaviour.

Some clients have shared with me that they’re no longer interested in being a part of the gossip tribe. And this happens naturally as a result of meditating and being mindful. That's pretty amazing, right?

Not only that, the tribe doesn’t always like it when one of their members leaves. So this presents my client with another choice of whether they want to fit in or follow what feels right for them.

The truth is when we are saying negative things about people it hurts us the most.

We cannot be talking gossip or judging someone AND be experiencing peace at the same time.

Why do people gossip anyway? Does it somehow make them feel better?

“Isn't it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?” 
~ Sean Covey
The key to making change is to start looking within.

A mind filled with negativity will see negativity in others.

A mind filled with more positivity, love, and kindness will see that in others. (You may not agree or even like someone, but you realize that bad talking someone is a waste of your precious time and energy.)

The good news in all of this is the mind is trainable. That’s why I love a mindfulness practice!

The beauty of a mindfulness practice (and it is a practice) is it purifies the mind. It actually changes our thinking from negativity to positivity and increases self-love and compassion. Science has proven this!

Here’s some food for thought…

This week, set the intention to be aware of how you speak about people (and what you think about people)

  • Notice how you are speaking (or thinking) about others. Is it positive? Or is it judgmental? You have a choice of what you focus on.
  • If you are with other people who are gossipping - you have a choice to join in or leave the conversation. 
  • And it gets really exciting when you observe that you are about to say something negative...then you pause...and choose not to. 

Change happens when we are present and aware. Observing with curiosity and nonjudgment.

To your peace + well-being,