Mindful Monday: My Wish for You is to Know You are Loved

Mindful Monday: My Wish for You is to Know You are Loved

Happy Monday to all! And for those of you who celebrate, Merry Christmas!

Today I’ll start my day with a meditation, and in that way it is a typical day, but Christmas morning feels extra special to me. The energy on Christmas morning is usually very quiet and peaceful – very still. The rest of the day is full of fun, food, and laughter as I gather with family and friends, and I love it! But in these quiet moments of the morning, I relax into the stillness and choose to focus on gratitude.

This is what this holiday is about for me; the splendid combination of stillness and peace, followed by excitement and fun.

For some this holiday is a really special time and for others it can be a difficult time for many reasons.

However this day finds you, I send you love and want you to know that you matter.


You are a gift to the world.

The world needs you.

My hope for you it that you not only know this – but you experience it deep within your heart as true.

With love,