Mindful Monday: I apologized...and it felt so good.

Mindful Monday: I apologized...and it felt so good.

Last week I had one of those off days. 

You know - those days when nothing seems to go your way. Usually, I can go with the flow, but not this time.

So when I got together with some friends I was rather distant. I wasn't myself.

Afterward, I still felt irritated and it wouldn't let up. And then I realized that it had nothing to do with anyone - but me, myself and I.

So I apologized. 

And afterward, I felt so much peace inside. 

Maybe my friend didn't even expect an apology. That is irrelevant. I did.

What I have learned is when I 'keep my side of the street clean' I feel a WHOLE lot better.

As humans - we will say the wrong thing or do something and wish we could press the rewind button. It's a part of life. We can't push the rewind button BUT we can make an amends or apologize.

What the other person does with the apology is not up to us. We have done our part.

My inner peace is very important to me - and I know if there is anything I need to apologize or make an amends for I can feel it in my heart. It blocks my peace.

So this week be aware and mindful.

If you are ever impatient with someone, react or say something that feels off - own it.


You will feel a huge shift within you when you make this your regular practice.

P.S. Making an apology requires humility. Therefore, the ego hates it when we apologize. So set the ego aside and go for it anyway. (bye bye ego)

May we learn + grow together,