Mindful Monday: This 1 thing can change your life...

Mindful Monday: This 1 thing can change your life...

A lot of people want to live in the moment. But sometimes it might feel overwhelming or even impossible. 

Where do you start?

Start with 1 thing to focus on - and then build upon that. 

Don't try and change all at once.

A great place to start is with your morning routine.

When you get up in the morning are you present and aware as you start your day?
Is your mind already at work before you even get out of bed.  
Do you instantly 'plug into' social media or check your inbox.
How you start your day - sets the stage for your day.

So if you start your day all wound up you won't have peace, calm and clarity during your day.

When we were a child we were very much in the moment as we brushed our teeth, had a bath or washed our face. 

As an adult, we have done these things thousands of times and we are now operating on autopilot like a robot.   

Pick 1 task that you do every day - and practice being present while you are doing it. 

Having a Shower
Feel the water on your skin, notice the temperature, what it feels like as you wash or hair or your body. Maybe you like to sing a song!

Brushing Your Teeth
Be aware of the texture of the toothpaste; how it feels as you brush each tooth; how your hand and arms move. Be curious of it all.

Look in the Mirror - Say something positive to yourself! Be present as you wash your face or put your make-up on.

Eating Breakfast - Chew your food slowly. Really taste it. Your body will digest the food better.

Getting Dressed  - Have gratitude for your body and your clothes.

If your mind wanders off to work or what you have to do - no problem. 

Take a breath and bring it back to the task you are doing. 

Start your day with an intention - Choose what you want to focus on and how you want to show up.

This is how change happens. One simple choice at a time.

To your peace + well-being,