It's here! Week 1. Your FREE series 'Living In Love Not Fear'

It's here! Week 1. Your FREE series 'Living In Love Not Fear'

Welcome to week one of Living In Love Not Fear! I am beyond excited to explore this subject with you over the next four weeks.

Creating change in the world seems like a big (even impossible!) feat. But it IS possible. How do we get there?

We need to start with ourselves.

When we shift our thoughts from fear to love, one person at a time, we become focused on love, peace + kindness. The more people making this shift, the greater the power for change. 

A meditation practice purifies the mind. It shifts our thoughts from fear to love.
When we were little, we weren't focused on being separate from others or afraid of tomorrow, we were present, innocent and curious as to what life had to offer.

Then we started to develop beliefs about who we are and what life is all about.

I love Marianne Williamson's quote:
"Love is what we are born with, fear is what we learn."

So this is what we're doing now, 'unlearning' the fear-based thoughts and beliefs we've picked up along the way.

Are you ready to started?

Ready. Set your intention. Go!
Take a moment to think about your intention for the next 4 weeks.
Write it down.

What would you like to focus on? Maybe it's...
To be more loving toward yourself,
To meditate every day,
To practice loving-kindness,
You get to decide.
Your Free Meditation: Go With The Flow (10 minutes)
Take time to meditate every day, with the meditation provided, or one of your own. Whether it's 5 minutes or 30 - make the time. Remember: we need to start with ourselves.

Self Reflection This Week
Observe yourself during the day.
What do you think about and talk about?
Is it focused on love and positivity? Or fear and negativity?
You have a choice of what you focus on.
When you become aware you are focused on fear-based thoughts or negativity...
Stop. Observe. And choose a loving thought.

Every time you choose to focus on a thought filled with positivity you are planting a new seed and this is how change happens - one simple choice at a time.  
Have a wonderful week! And know that everything you do has an impact!