Mindful Monday.Living In Love: Are your decisions based on love or controlled by fear?

Mindful Monday.Living In Love: Are your decisions based on love or controlled by fear?

Welcome to week 2 of Living in Love Not Fear...

Are you ready to continue this journey together?

This week I want to talk about the 'f' word...FEAR.

If I am focused on fear I am a part of the problem.
If I am focused on love I am part of the solution.

As a human, we have a full gamut of emotions and one of them is fear.
Fear will visit us.

Are you afraid of fear?
Do you judge fear and push it away?
If we are afraid of fear, judge fear and push it away - fear will stay longer. It will be like one of those guests you invite into your home that never leaves!

Fear needs love and compassion - the last thing it needs is judgment.
Practice getting out of your head. Breathe into your body. 'Be' with it.

Each decision is either based on love or fear.
For example:
1. Am I eating well and exercising to take care and love my body or because I am afraid of getting old and sick?
2. Am I staying in a job because I'm afraid that I can't find anything else or because I love it and find it very rewarding?
3. Am I in a relationship because I am afraid of being alone or because I love my partner?

Fear is limiting and will keep us stuck. 
Love is expansive with unlimited possibilities

Your Free Meditation: What You Focus on Grows (20 minutes)
Sometimes we forget just how powerful our thoughts are. Each thought holds a vibration and has the capacity to shape our reality, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The two words, “I” and “am” are perhaps the most powerful and what follows them is key. It could be, “I am stressed or anxious”, “I am afraid”, “I am not good enough.” Or it could be “I am happy and at peace.”, “I am healthy and grateful.” What we focus on grows. Let’s make sure our focus is on positive thoughts that shape our reality in peaceful and loving ways.

Questions For Self-Reflection
Take time to observe yourself this week and your decisions. 
Are you doings thing because you love them or because you are afraid of change or failure?
When you make a decision - be aware of how your body feels. This is the key.
Does your body feel relaxed, light, open?
Or does it feel awful, tight, heavy? 

Have a wonderful week!