Mindful Mondays: Living In Love. Week 3. How doing THIS can ease anxiety...

Mindful Mondays: Living In Love. Week 3. How doing THIS can ease anxiety... 

Welcome to week 3 of Living in Love not Fear...

This week our topic is anxiety.

Anxiety is on the rise.

I meet people young and old who are suffering from anxiety. It seems to be the norm. 

Most of the anxiety we experience is caused by our thinking. Including when we have fear or are worried about the future.

The good news is - we can change our thinking.

The mind is the master and the body is the servant.

So when the mind is constantly worried and stress, the message is sent down to the body and voila...anxiety appears.

Meditation for Anxiety:  (20 minutes)
A daily meditation can make a HUGE difference because it trains the mind to be present and calm and then stress is released from the body. Try this meditation!

Self Reflection This Week
Observe your thoughts during the day. Anytime you become aware you are caught up in stress-filled thoughts...Stop. Acknowledge the thought. Bring your focus to the breath.
On the inhale think 'Peace'
On the exhale think 'Calm' or 'I am safe'
Bring awareness to your senses. What do you smell/touch/see/taste/hear in that moment? By giving your mind something other than fear to focus on, you will be able to ease your anxiety and take back control of your thoughts.

Have a wonderful week!