Mindful Monday: Fear of being alone with you + your thoughts (This was me!)

Mindful Mondays: Fear of being alone with you + your thoughts  (This was me!)

For those of you who know me - you know that meditation didn't always come easy to me, right?  

I openly share that when I started to meditate it was challenging and I didn't always enjoy it. In fact, I may have even told my teacher that I hated meditating. (I admit - I was rather dramatic!)

I was the type of person who kept busy ALL of the time. I felt very uncomfortable with silence, and always had noise in the background -TV, music, radio, people.

So when I started to meditate it felt foreign and VERY uncomfortable.

And that makes sense. It was new.

But the thing is - I had a willingness to be in the discomfort with my busy mind. This was the key.

I had been desperately looking for peace and contentment - but always on the outside.

Running from myself and my life was getting harder and more painful. I am so grateful I finally stopped, was willing to listen, learn and do something different. 

Quite often a client will say to me they want to meditate and find more peace, but they are afraid to sit and be with themselves and their thoughts. They are afraid of what will come up or what is inside - and that maybe there isn't any peace within them at all.  

I love it when someone has the courage to be honest and say this -  this was me 100%. And it is very common.

The truth is...

If you want peace and true fulfillment you have to stop running. Fulfillment isn't found in what we have or what we do. Fulfillment is found within. 

So, yes, it does take courage to stop and be with yourself.

And is it also the most freeing, rewarding experience I have EVER had! 

Is it always easy? No. Is it worth it? You bet.

I share all of this with you because you may be suffering in some way. Maybe you are overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, you feel unfulfilled and not sure which way to turn. 

There is hope.

Everything you need to experience peace is within you. 

My wish for you is that you take the time to discover it now.

To your peace + well-being,