nature + the moment = peace joy fulfillment

nature + the moment  =  peace  joy  fulfillment 

I don't know about you - but I love spending time in nature. It soothes my soul.

I am really fortunate because I'm only a few blocks from the river. So pretty much every day I go for a beautiful walk along the pathway. It feels like my backyard!

Nature helps me to be in the moment and feel at peace. It opens up my heart to more gratitude and love.  

Wherever I go I see a tapestry of so much beauty.

The imperfection of a fallen tree is perfection.

The daffodils aren't trying to look the tulips.

The log floating down the river isn't crying out 'Stop. I don't want to go this way!'

Nature goes with the flow. 

With every season comes change. There are new beginnings and endings. 

Continuous change, with no resistance. 

Being in nature helps me to embrace this way of being in my day-to-day life. And it is a 'mindfulness practice' not a 'mindfulness perfect'.

In my video, I share my special spot where I go on my walk. :)

This week I hope you find time to be in nature - whether you go for a walk or chill out in your backyard. 

Take time to BE with you. It is the greatest gift of all.

This is mindfulness...being self-aware, in the moment, non-judgmentally.

To your peace, happiness + well-being,