Mindful Monday: How was your summer weekend? Were you present + relaxed? Or stressed with a busy mind?

Mindful Mondays: How was your summer weekend? Were you present + relaxed? Or stressed with a busy mind? 

I don’t know about you but, the older I get the more I realize how precious time is - and time seems to just fly by.

Picture this…

It’s a beautiful summer weekend and you just want to chill out and relax…

BUT your mind won’t shut off. 

Your mind is busy, busy, busy focusing on random thoughts about...

work, the kids, shopping, your future, the ‘to do' list - it's never ending!

This is frustrating, right?!

THEN you judge yourself for not being present, and it makes the situation a whole lot worse.

Can you relate?

This is the deal.

An untrained mind is not present.  

It will be focused on the past or future – robbing us of those precious moments with friends, family or ourselves.

The good news is…

The mind is trainable. A mindfulness practice will train your mind to be more present, positive and focused. 


Try this:

Anytime you become you aren’t present, you are present.  

* Notice or acknowledge the thought that is taking you away from the moment. (There is no need to judge or push it away.Judging or pushing will make it worse)
* Then choose to gently bring your focus to your breath.
* Take a few mindful breaths. Observing the breath as you inhale and exhale
* You can only observe your breath in the present moment – not the past or future. So every time you make the choice to observe your breath you are training the mind to be present.

And last but not least...

When you take time every day to close your eyes and meditate you will naturally be more present during the day.  Even just for 5 minutes!

To your peace, well-being + a wonderful summer!