Mindful Monday: Peeling Back Our Layers

Hi friends!

Self-discovery is like an onion. As we peel back the layers, the truth of who we are begins to reveal itself more and more.

Lately I’ve really noticed and felt this unpeeling within myself - I’m seeing things differently. Sometimes this is exciting and other times it feels uncomfortable. It’s new, unknown and there can be a feeling of vulnerability. Is it worth it? For me, yes. This is part of the journey to healing.

As we continue to focus our awareness inward, layers of the onion (beliefs, stories, stored emotion) begin to fall away. Not because we are forcing or judging them – but because we are observing them and choosing to place our awareness on the truth and…what you focus on grows.

Right now I am curious and intrigued about certain old beliefs I carry that have been taking up a lot of space for most of my life, and now recognizing, that they are not me. They just seem to be me because I have been thinking them for so long.

Something has shifted. The observer (Consciousness) is much more aware and engaged which is allowing me to observe these programs rather than identify with them as being who I am at my core. 

If we aren’t aware, we continue to buy into old beliefs and get caught up in the illusion, identifying with our small self. We see ourselves, others and our life through the lens of these stories – not the truth.

When the layer of the onion starts to peel away, so too do the belief, and what is revealed is the truth. Consciousness reveals itself.

Think of the mind like a projector. Whatever is in our mind (thoughts, beliefs) is projected outward and that is how we see ourselves, others and life. As we consciously peel back the layers, the lens of the mind becomes more focused and clear.

As our inner world changes so does our outer world. This is living life from the inside-out rather than the outside-in.
When you were first born, your mind was like a computer with hardware but no software. You were present. You weren’t thinking about the past or future.

Then as you got older, you started to download software (beliefs) into your computer. Most of your software was picked up from your parents or whoever raised you; you learned by what you saw and heard. Then you gathered more software from your friends, school, siblings, and media. Your computer (the mind) kept filling up with more data and before you knew it you were no longer in the moment.

As adults, many of us often feel that we need to fix ourselves or our thoughts to better conform to those long-running beliefs and stories we’ve come to believe as truths. But the beauty of mindfulness is that by doing the work to peel back what’s on the surface and dig a little deeper, we realize the only thing missing is the connection to who we really are.

The journey of self-discovery is not about acquiring anything new - it is one of being and letting go of the blocks (‘software’) that are
preventing us from being present and filled with wonder.

This week, attempt to turn your focus inward. Take notice of what the feelings, thoughts and story patterns that exist under all the layers.
Don’t judge them – be kind and inquisitive. Change happens when we practice being engaged in the moment and observe rather than identify.

Remember at your core, you are whole, you are enough, and you have everything you need.

With love,

Diane xo