Mindful Monday: Walking the Path of a Spiritual Warrior

Last week I talked about peeling back the layers, like an onion, to rid ourselves of old stories and beliefs and get back to the core of who we truly are.

Sometimes we take it upon ourselves to do the work and peel back these layers, and sometimes we get a little extra nudge or push to finally face the tough stuff head-on, whether we like it or not.  

How many of you have been thrown a curve ball that has brought life as you know it to a complete halt?

Maybe it was an accident, illness or experience that forced you to stop, pay attention, rethink things, and recalibrate.

I’ve shared before that I had a concussion last December and for the past ten months, things have been shifting, layers have been falling away, and I’ve been doing the work necessary to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The concussion felt like the Universe at work – a not so subtle push to face the tough stuff head-on. Ten months ago, I had no idea at the time, but I was embarking on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ and I would emerge a warrior.

At the time of my concussion, it felt like the Universe had time management front of mind. “By handing out this concussion to Diane, she can do a whole lot of healing in a short period of time.”

I have a strong mindfulness practice, I live a life of intention, but life is life. Meaning, we all get side tracked by the daily happenings of work, friends, family, schedules, etc. No matter how great a handle we feel we have on personal growth and wellness it can end up taking a back seat to things that feel more urgent. But really, what’s more urgent than our own personal happiness, health and well-being?

The concussion forced me to completely stop and be silent. I was handed the time and the space to do deep spiritual work and I did it. I would never have gone to this depth of healing and self-discovery in this time frame. So in essence it was perfectly orchestrated for my highest growth.

“The hero journey is inside of you; tear off the veils and open the mystery of yourself. “   - Joseph Campbell

 Joseph Campbell’s research identifies three basic stages to the ‘The Hero’s Journey’: Separation, Initiation & Return. I went through each of these stages and it wasn’t easy. I was continually tested and called to surrender over and over again.

There were many times when I felt overwhelmed, sad, lost, afraid, and angry; and in these times when I was willing to be present with my feelings, I accessed and witnessed an inner stillness and strength. I experienced how my mindfulness practice has built a strong resilient mind and the ability to be with what is. Limiting beliefs and stories I have held on to for my entire life started to fall away and the beauty of who I am revealed itself over and over again.

Every day, even in snow storms, I would go for walks. It was on one of these days when I connected to a strength within that felt so solid and so filled with love.

 I called it my spiritual warrior.

I felt it throughout my body. I was grounded. I felt safe. My spiritual warrior showed up over and over again, fueled by love and strengthened by my willingness to surrender. And now it is a part of me, not separate from me.

It takes courage to look at the truth and stand in our power when it feels like everything has fallen apart, doesn’t it? It doesn’t feel good. It can be so painful and hard.

As spiritual warriors we are all faced with challenges at different points in our life. It is part of the journey.  We will all be tested at different times. We will be called to rise to the occasion and it may bring us to our knees at first. It did for me.

And it was when I was on my knees with nowhere else to go that grace revealed itself.

We have everything we need within us to get through and overcome adversity in our life. The ego will say different but the hero’s journey that Joseph Campbell talks about is real. It is part of our evolution if we are willing to rise to the challenge. 

If we choose not to rise to the challenge that’s a choice too. Then what happens is the lesson we avoided will show up again and again until at some point we are willing to stop, look it in the eyes and face it.

We are all strong and resilient – and it is in times of pain, challenge or loss that we access this tremendous power, wisdom and truth within – our spiritual warrior.

So what’s next for me? I’m not sure but I trust that all will be revealed. I’m excited to see where this journey leads me.

With the letting go of what no longer serves me I have created more space for what really matters to my soul and how I wish to live my life. There is a feeling of newness.

I feel more passionate than ever to be of service and I want you to know that I am here to support you along your own journey. To provide you with tools, offer direction, and to help the light the way when the path seems long, dark or lonely.

I’m here to help you rise and own the power of the spiritual warrior within.

Yours on this great big, wonderful journey of life,

Diane xo