Mindful Monday: A Lesson In Letting Go

Sometimes I can hear the same message over and over again but it’s not until it’s said by one person at the right time that it sticks. Have you ever had that happen? It was my experience this week
I’ve been taking an online course with Marianne Williamson. It’s fantastic. She said,
“The spiritual life is not where you are making things happen, the spiritual life is where you’re allowing everything to happen.”

When I heard her say this, a sensation of relief and relaxation spread through my body. I thought, ‘It’s ok to let go’. I realized then that the Universe has my back and I don’t have to figure all of these things out. I can choose to trust.  What a relief!

Then nature was my teacher. I went for a walk and noticed the leaves falling from the trees. The trees weren’t resisting letting go of the leaves. They weren’t trying desperately to hang on to the branch. They trusted and let go with grace and ease. It was so beautiful to witness the freedom and beauty of letting go right before my eyes. It felt calming and very reassuring.

For me the question has quite often been, how do I find the balance of letting go, allowing, and doing?

Maybe it’s different for each of us and maybe it changes as we change. The commonality I believe is the importance of taking the time to be still, be silent, and to listen within.

Letting go of the reins isn’t always easy. There might be a big part of us that wants and feels the need to be in control.  

We try to make sure things happen just the way we have it all planned out. Here’s the problem, it doesn’t always go as planned and it takes SO much energy trying to control the show. It is exhausting and it is limiting.

Meanwhile there is this miraculous Universe ready to support us but we’re too preoccupied trying to control or plan how it should look, that we’re missing glorious opportunities that are waiting for us.

One of the big problems is we listen to our mind and all of its limiting beliefs and illusions rather than tuning into a greater wisdom and strength within.  This creates a constant battle and distrust of ourselves and way of being in the world.

What would happen if we stepped out of our comfort zone and chose to let go and trust?  
What if we started to live our life in love rather than fear?
The Universe has a plan for us. All we need to do is take the time to stop and listen.  

This is when the magic happens. When we stop, let go of the reins and listen. It happened this week to me and boy does it ever feel good.

Have a wonderful week!