Mindful Monday: A Little Self-Compassion Goes A Long Way

This time of year, emotions tend to be heightened whether they are high or low. For some people this time of year is happy and joyful, for others it is stressful or sad, and for some they are indifferent.

As an empath, I do feel more intensity in the air right now and I feel tremendous compassion for those who are struggling for any number of reasons: the loss of a loved one,  job, health, relationships, trauma, addiction, anxiety, overwhelm.

We all have a story. The person asking for money on the street, the woman dressed in a fancy suit or the clerk at the super market. It doesn’t matter what we have or what we do. We have all experienced pain, suffering, loss or hardship in some way or another. If you are alive it is inevitable.

This past year, I have been working on developing deeper compassion for myself and in return, it has given me a deeper compassion for others. For me, 2018 involved shedding a lot of layers; going into the subconscious and healing the Inner Child.  And while this work has at times been challenging, taking a lot of my energy and focus, it has also been incredibly freeing.

Is your Inner Child in need of healing?

For some of us, there are parts so tender or painful, that we continue to try to keep them buried deep within. To think of them surfacing, to think of having to meet them square on, is unfathomable and frightening.

It doesn’t need to be.

This past year, my approach has not been about fixing anything– rather it has been to love and have empathy for the shadow within.  Bringing light to the darkness and loving those parts I haven’t liked or have pushed away in the past. It has been transformational on many levels.

We often get so caught up judging ourselves or others for what we should or shouldn’t be doing. But judging the Inner Child or blocks in the subconscious don’t do anything but cause more pain, create more judgment, and keep us stuck in a viscous cycle.

What if we used compassion and love? Imagine what the world would look like if we were kinder to ourselves and extended kindness and compassion to others.

All of our past experiences shape who we are and how we view ourselves and the world. These old  beliefs or programs from the past are stored in the subconscious. They are running the show and if the inner Child doesn’t feel safe we are not going to move forward. Like any child our Inner Child wants love.

“Love is to people what water is to plants.”   ~ Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

How do we get rid of these old beliefs or programs?

A technique I use personally and with my clients is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping). It is one of the most effective techniques I have yet to use that goes to the subconscious and clears old beliefs or stresses that no longer serve us and are holding us back from shining bright, experiencing joy and being who we really are. And when done with love and compassion it is transformative. We are free.

If you are ready to shine bright, live in joy, and live your best life in 2019, I would love to support you! Contact me directly to discuss how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Wherever you are at in this moment, however you are feeling, I send you my love. You matter.

Diane xo