Mindful Monday: The Season for Magical Thinking

For me, this time of year the energy of giving and compassion seems heightened, and the possibility of miracles and wonder comes alive. When I say giving, what I mean is the spirit of goodwill. The gift of presence not presents.

I recently watched a Christmas movie with a Christmas angel ornament that had magical powers. It inspired me to open up my mind to the possibility that anything is possible!

For me angels are everywhere.

I have many angels in physical form and some in nonphysical form who love, guide and support me in so many ways.  

I have my own Christmas angel and she’s pretty incredible. My parents bought her over 65 years ago for their very first Christmas together. She has been with our family for all of these years.  She has a broken hand, tarnished paint, bald head and she is absolutely beautiful.  I love looking at her on my mantle. I feel comfort. Wisdom.

You see this photo of me? 

I asked my friend Deirdre if she would take a picture of me and my angel. She took the photo quickly, this was not staged! When I looked at the photo it looked like I had wings (I did not intentionally stand in front of this painting) and the blouse I was wearing looked like something you might see on an angel.

Was there some angel power behind this? I’d like to think so!

Children are open and present to the wonders of life. They are filled with curiousity. You can see it in their eyes and feel it when you are with them, right?

But as we get older we tend to lose our sense of wonder and our ability to keep our minds open to the possibility that anything is possible.

So how can we, as adults, live life through the eyes of a child and stay connected to the wonder and miracles of life?  

Mindfulness is a great place to start.

What if ‘being’ was one of the most productive things we could do? This is when we are present. Our minds are still, our heart is open, and we are connected to a field of unlimited potential.

What if we could create our life from a place of ease and openness, wonder and curiousity, rather than forcing, trying or controlling?  

This is my wish for you. That you choose to open your mind to the belief that you are full of potential and opportunity.

This season, make presence and connection a priority. Hold on to the wonder and curiousity that can make this time of year so magical.

With love, 

Diane xo