Mindful Monday: Gratitude In The Kitchen

Hi friends!

There are so many things to love about summer- including the food! I love summer food. All of the fresh fruits and veggies are so delicious.

Recently my mom and I went for a drive in the country to Sunnivue Farm, where they have wonderful organic produce and lots of other goodies – including fresh coffee and baked goods you can enjoy on their porch. Makes for a pretty perfect daytrip.

My mom and I were reflecting on how blessed we are to have so many farmers close by and to have such an abundance of food. My family and I have lovely memories of our yearly summer vacations spent on Prince Edward Island where both my parents grew up. Milking cows, picking wild blueberries, digging clams out of the ocean; the love and connection I feel toward food and family goes way back.

Now, years later, my family still loves to cook and eat good food together, enjoying big family dinners like the ones that used to be held at my grandparents. Cooking for other people is my way of showing love. Meals spent together are a great opportunity for quality time.

For as much as I love food, I know that sometimes I can take it for granted. When I open my fridge there is usually food and if there isn’t I buy more.  This is not the case for a lot of people in the world including here, in London.  It’s shocking to think that 1 in 4 children in our city are undernourished.

So I am making a point to be aware and grateful for how fortunate I am to have this abundance of wonderful food.

Will you join me?

Here are some ways to incorporate gratitude into our eating practices…

-Take time to reflect on what was involved to have this food on your plate.
-Before you eat give thanks.
-Enjoy food. Eat slowly. Savour the flavour. This not only makes eating more enjoyable, but the body loves this for easy digestion, too!
-Be mindful of how much food you buy to prevent wasting it and having to throw it out.

I encourage you to go out and enjoy all the wonderful summer bounty to be found locally. Take a drive out to a farm, visit a local market or stand, or host a BBQ with friends and family. It’s a great way to fill our bodies and our souls.

(Photo is me and my Mom at Sunnivue Farm, a delicious family dinner, and Mom’s famous peach pie.)

Wishing you all a wonderful, abundant week ahead.

Diane xo