Mindful Monday: Our Potential for Kindness

Hello friends!

We are incredible beings with unlimited potential. Our thoughts, words and actions have a tremendous impact on not only our own lives, but those around us too and this impact can be positive or negative.

Have you ever spent time with someone who you just feel good around? They have good vibes? And then there are other people who you don’t feel good around? You’re picking up on their vibes too.

In our busy day-to-day lives we can sometimes find ourselves running on autopilot with very little awareness of how we’re impacting the lives of those around us, whether it’s family, friends, colleagues at work or a complete stranger.

Several months ago I shared a story with you of how I received a random act of kindness. Someone (who I later found out was one of the children at a school down the street) put a ‘kindness rock’ in my garden. It was beautifully painted with the words - peace, love and hope, and was inspired by the grass roots movement called Kindness Rocks. It made my day!

When I shared this story in my newsletter I received so many emails back, including one from local artist Sandi McCabe. Sandi said let’s have a rock painting party! So a few weeks ago we did.

Sandi was so generous in supplying all of the paints and supplies and Cathy from Teathca Tea Shop provided a beautiful space for us to relax, have fun and create. And boy did we create!

It was such a fun evening. The painting was relaxing and I think it’s safe to say that everyone left feeling uplifted and inspired. We began the night with the intention of giving the painted rocks to people we knew or complete strangers – in their garden or wherever we felt compelled.

The intention to spread kindness uplifted us.

Oh and it was so much fun when we distributed the rocks! I felt so happy to secretly gift someone. Who knows what impact it had on them?

This is unlimited potential at work. The giving of kindness without expectation. One child gave me a random act of kindness and it has continued to spread.

We all have the capacity to be agents of change every day; it could be kind words or a compliment, positive thoughts, love-filled prayers or opening the door for a complete stranger.

The act may be small but the resulting feeling is large.

This week, I encourage you to offer up a small act of kindness whenever it presents itself; you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel after too! It’s a win/win J

Wishing you love + kindness,