Mindful Monday: I Did WHAT?!

I stepped out of my comfort zone – yes, again! This time, it was the ultimate chill session. I’m talking being outside in an ice bath kind of chill.

Are you confused?

Let me explain.

I recently went to a Wim Hof workshop at BPM Fitness.  This workshop started off with a series of deep breathing exercises which were incredible and transformative…this part was not out of my comfort zone. I love my breath.  I love breathing exercises. This was the appetizer.

But the main course? It was immersing myself in an ice bath for 1 minute. THIS was out of my comfort zone.

For my entire life I have been adverse to cold water and cold period. I’m the gal who loves long hot showers in the morning and who doesn’t go into water unless it is reasonably warm.

Why then did I go to this workshop? 

Several of my friends have taken this training and I have witnessed and listened to them share the numerous benefits including increased vitality, positivity and focus.  

I had wanted to do it for quite some time but the belief that I can’t do cold always stopped me – until now.  

Wim Hof is known world-wide as The Iceman. He is an athlete, has set Guinness world records and is noted for his ability to withstand extreme cold.

His training includes breathing exercises, exposing oneself to cold, and meditation. It’s not woo woo stuff. Everything is backed with scientific research.  

After doing the breath work for several hours we then had a choice whether or not we wanted to do the ice bath for 1 minute outside.

I was all in. In fact, I was first the person to take the plunge.

I immersed myself in the ice bath and was guided to keep my focus on my breath. I was able to let go and relax into it, and as I let go more, I became the observer and had no resistance to the cold at all. It felt effortless. And when the minute was up I actually could have stayed in longer.

When I got out it felt kind of surreal.  ‘Did I just do this?’

This was so much more than sitting in an ice bath. This workshop was life-changing for me.

I experienced the power of the mind in a new context.

It became so clear that the block I had was self-imposed and caused from identifying with story in my mind. 

And now the story no longer holds ground.  

I realized through the power of my mind that my body and I are capable of incredible things.

Then it caused me to reflect…

What other areas of my life am I limiting myself?

What is the story behind it?

“If you can learn how to use your mind, anything is possible.” 
~ Wim Hof, Becoming The Ice Man 

Is there any area of your life where you feel held back?

Do you have story that you can’t do it, shouldn’t do it or will fail if you do it?

How does this feel?

What is it costing you?

I welcome you to challenge this story.

Go for it.
Take the plunge (it doesn’t have to be in an ice bath!)
Feel the freedom.

If you’re not sure where to start, or how to overcome what’s holding you back, I’m here to support you. Our mind is powerful beyond belief. We are powerful beyond belief.

All the best,


My instructor was Steve Beattie from Breathing in Nature. He teaches in Ontario.
Wim Hof workshops are taught world-wide.