Mindful Monday: Is Anxiety Robbing You of Happiness?

When I get up in the morning I might have a game plan of how my day is going to go, but most of the time it doesn’t go exactly as planned. And sometimes not at all. Can you relate?

I can plan for my day but I can’t predict the future.

However, the interesting thing is my mind likes to think it can predict the future. The mind acts like it has super natural powers. Like it’s psychic, knowing exactly what’s going to happen today, next week and even ten or twenty years from now. And it is so convincing!

Too bad those super powers are a big illusion.

The mind can do many things but it cannot predict the future.

Left to its own, the mind is either in the past or the future. In fact, one of its favourite past times is to worry about the future.

What if….
Something bad happens
I’m not financially secure
I get sick or someone I love gets sick
My kids don’t turn out ok
I’m alone or never fulfilled
I fail
It doesn’t go as planned

The ‘What ifs…’ come at a cost. Our health, happiness and well-being are jeopardized as it constantly takes us out of the present, keeps us in fear, negativity or apprehension, and creates mounds of anxiety.

Most of our anxiety is created from thoughts. Particularly when we are obsessed with worry- filled thoughts about the future. Tomorrow’s meeting, next week, sickness, retirement. We’re all familiar with these patterns.

Planning for the future is a good thing. In fact it is a responsible thing to do.  Worrying about the future is not. 

Constantly worrying about the future robs us of our life.

If we are always focusing on the future we are not actually living our life. Instead, we’re focused on fabricated stories which will not contribute to a healthy, happy abundant life.

The good news? You have a choice.

Here’s how I handle my wandering mind…

When I become aware I’m caught up in a ‘What if…’ I get to stop and choose whether I continue thinking those thoughts.

I like to tune-in and ask, “How am I feeling as I’m thinking this thought?” Hmmm, tight in the chest, heavy. Ok. This is a good sign for me to make a different choice in what I think. Because I value my well-being and peace.

This is why I choose to meditate every day and I practice mindfulness during the day. It creates a stronger mind with less opportunities for the ‘what if…’ to call the shots. Which means more peace, happiness and well-being.

We have a choice of how we live our life. But if we let the mind call the shots we will feel powerless. We can only take charge of our life when we take charge of our mind, and mindfulness can help you do that.

If this sounds all too familiar and you’re ready to make a change, I’m here to help. My clients and I have had amazing results using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to break down those negative stories and thought patterns, allowing you to start living the life of happiness and peace you deserve.

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Until next week,