Mindful Monday: Lessons in Traveling Light

My sister, Shelley is a well-seasoned traveler and knows all of the in’s and out’s of packing only the essentials. On our last trip together, I was not so successful. I left it all to the last minute (not usually the way I roll) and brought WAY too much stuff. You just never know what you’re going to want to wear, right?

You know where I have learned to travel light? In life.

Inner peace means everything to me. I have lived most of life with no peace and now have a lot of it and let me tell ya, peace rules.

If I hang onto resentment, judgment, any stuff from the past, I am basically disconnecting from my peace. The peace loses its signal. It gets weaker. Has more static. The two can’t co-exist.

The older I get the more precious life has become. My health, time, relationships, passion to be of service - with all of it, I choose to travel light.

As adults, we have hung on to so many life experiences day-after-day and year-after-year, it weighs us down.

We wonder why life feels heavy or mundane and it’s because we are carrying a ton of the past into our present moment experience.

But the good news is, we always have a choice. And for me, letting go is a moment to moment practice.

There is always an opportunity to let go of an opinion, judgment (towards myself or someone else) or disappointment that is from the past (even a minute ago) and no longer matters.

Children travel light. We see it all of the time. A child can get angry and not want to play with another child. They cry or yell and get it all out and then a few minutes later say “Do you want to play?”

As adults, most of us don’t allow ourselves to cry, get angry and get it all out. We bottle it up. More forward. Think it’s done and over with. And then years later realize we are still hanging onto all of this baggage and resentment.

What if we gave ourselves permission to be real? To feel? To express our disappointment? Instead of being too caught up in having it all together, or worrying about what other people will think.

Freedom is when we are present with our feelings and give ourselves the space to feel and be with what is real. We don’t have to carry this heavy baggage with us.

Tune in and ask yourself the question...

"Where in my life am I hanging onto baggage?"
Is there a judgment from today, last week, years ago - of yourself or someone else?
Disappointment of wanting life to be different and living in the past?
A resentment that is lingering. It comes up from time to time.
Or maybe you are travelling light.

Tune in to your body right. Listen.
Are you noticing anything in your body right now? Feeling, sensations, heaviness, lightness. Simply be present.

The body holds everything. We have a choice to let the baggage go and travel light or to be weighed down.

Whenever we become aware of something we are holding onto we then have a choice as to whether we want to let it go or not, and sometimes it is a process.

Life is precious.

We only have this moment. Are you ready to let go of your baggage and travel light? Then let's continue on this journey together!

Much love,