Mindful Monday: Is your monkey mind driving you bonkers?

Mindful Monday: Is your monkey mind driving you bonkers?

Most people's minds are going non-stop and, as a result, we take life and ourselves WAY too seriously.

Would you agree...it feels really good to be able to laugh at yourself?

Some of life's best moments are when you're having fun and being goofy.  Practicing mindfulness allows us to be present in those moments and embrace lightheartedness.

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What does mindfulness look like?
Anytime you become aware the mind has wandered off you can:

* Stop.  Notice the thought.  Say to yourself, “that’s interesting the mind is thinking that.”
* Then gently bring your focus to the breath.
* Take one or two mindful breaths and go back to the task at hand.

You’re simply noticing the thought and making a choice to focus on the breath instead.

Every time you do this, you are training the mind to be present.  And the thoughts that you have battled with will start to fall away because you aren’t giving them as much attention.

Give it a try and remember, have fun!

To your peace + wellbeing,