Mindful Monday: 'Can you meditate lying down?' Yes you can.

Mindful Monday: 'Can you meditate lying down?'  Yes you can.

There are a lot of beliefs about meditation and how we 'should' do it.  So much so that some people may feel intimidated and never even try it.

The pictures we see of people meditating are usually ones where people are sitting on the floor cross-legged.  So you might think this is the only way to meditate.  It's not the only way.  It's one way. 

If sitting cross-legged works for you - go for it.  If it is really uncomfortable for you then I would suggest trying something else.  Maybe sitting in a chair with your feet on the floor.

Comfort is key.

The important thing is you take the time to stop and be with yourself.

I start my day with a meditation.  I get out of bed and sit.  The benefit of sitting straight up in a relaxed position is that I feel more alert.  It feels good to have the spine straight and allow the energy to flow through the body.  (I don't sit cross-legged because it's not comfortable for me)

"Can you meditate lying down?"  Yes, of course you can.

I like to relax and meditate on my couch after a long day. 

I meditate while I'm lying in bed before I go to sleep.  It is a beautiful way to release stress from the nervous system and enter a deep, peaceful sleep. 

Some of my clients play a guided meditation while they are lying in bed, and they get so relaxed they fall asleep before it's over.  Wonderful!

You can meditate in the dentists chair, in the airport, sitting on the grass, in your office chair, standing. You choose.

It is time to demystify meditation.

Meditation is beneficial (and doable) for people with busy lives and busy minds. 

Anyone can do it - all that is required is the desire.

So this week if you feel like chilling out on your couch and listening to a guided meditation - go for it and enjoy! 
To your peace + well-being,