Mindful Monday: "I will be happy when....." (it's a trap!)

Mindful Monday: "I will be happy when....."  (it's a trap!)

"I will be happy when_____"
(I have more money, I am in love, lose weight, when that person changes or I have a new job....and on and on and on)

Do you ever think any of these thoughts?

I'll share a little secret with you...

This very thought is the one that is preventing you from experiencing peace and happiness.

IT is the blocker.

You can only experience peace in the present moment - not in the past or the future.

So if you are consumed with thinking the thought"I will be happy when _____" you will be waiting for the rest of your life!

Believe me- I know all about "My life will be better when______" It was my story for years and years and I just kept digging myself deeper in stress, fear, anxiety, and despair. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

And you don't have to fix this thought.

Every time you push a thought away or think you need to fix it - you are actually giving it more power because what you resist persists.

Try this.
When you become aware you are thinking "I will be happy when____" Stop.
No need to judge or push away.
Simply notice the thought.
Take 3 mindful breaths.
Focus on THIS moment and what you are grateful for.

And take the time to do your daily meditation.

It's a game changer - and it all starts with making simple choices one moment at a time. 

To your peace + well-being,