Mindful Monday: Is Your Mental Checklist Controlling You?

Mindful Monday: Is Your Mental Checklist Controlling You?


When you wake up in the morning is your mental checklist off and running before you even get out of bed?

Are you nodding your head?

You know what I'm talking about, don't ya?

If your checklist is running the show you will:
1. Never be present because as you are doing one task, you will be focused on ‘what’s next’.
2. Be stressed or preoccupied throughout your day.
3. Be unfulfilled because your day will feel like a huge checklist rather than meaningful moments.

What does mindfulness look like?
Whenever you become aware the checklist is running in your head…STOP.
Don’t - push it away, simply notice or acknowledge it.
Let the checklist go or ‘flip it over’ in your mind.
Place all of your focus on your breath.
Take 3 mindful breaths.
Observe the breath as you inhale and as you exhale.
Bring your focus back to what you are doing in that moment.

When you are present with what you are doing, you will accomplish more and enjoy your day more.

To your peace + well-being,