Mindful Mondays: Difficult Relationships + Judgments. It isn't always easy, is it?

Mindful Mondays: Difficult Relationships + Judgments. It isn't always easy, is it?

This week I thought we could talk about relationships. We all have them, right?   

Would you agree that some people in your life are SO easy to communicate with while others are more challenging? 
Do you have someone in your life who triggers you OR you are constantly judging them and think THEY should change?

This person is your teacher.

They are the one you can practice speaking your truth and communicating effectively. 

A mindfulness practice also includes going inward and exploring WHY we are being triggered. So the focus is on us - not the other person. 

This is what I practice...
If someone triggers me on a continuous basis - and I become aware that I am blaming them or pointing the finger that's when I STOP...and I choose to place my focus inward. I am curious to know why I am being triggered.  

Perhaps the judgment is actually jealousy or maybe that person represents someone from my childhood or past where I have unhealed issues. So this person is not the cause. They are a trigger. 

Maybe I simply don't enjoy being around this person - and that's ok. The key for me is to let go of negative thoughts and judgments about this person. I'm doing this for me and my peace.

This type of approach means I am no longer a victim or blaming the other person and I am not better than the other person.

It is true that some people are very difficult to deal with.

It is also true that we can't control or change anyone (even though we would love to sometimes!). We can only control how we respond and what thoughts we choose to think about the other person.

If we have a negative story about someone playing over and over again in our head - we are giving them A LOT of power.  

I love this quote..."Harboring a resentment is like letting someone live rent-free in your head."

You can't have a judgment and experience peace at the same time. It's impossible.

So what matters to you more - being right and judging or being at peace?


My daily meditation practice has given me SO many gifts, including a deeper awareness of myself and my surroundings. Every day I learn something new. 

My desire is to continually cultivate self-love and compassion and to see that in others.

I recognize this is a lifelong journey, not a quick fix.

Will you join me in a mindfulness practice this week? I love knowing we are doing this together.

To your peace + well-being,