Mindful Mondays: Let's practice 'morning mindfulness' this week. Are you in?

Mindful Mondays: Let's practice 'morning mindfulness' this week. Are you in?

I am so grateful to be connecting with you this week. As I am writing this email to you I am imagining we are sitting together and having a nice, relaxing conversation - and it fills my heart. 

This week I am wondering if you would like to join me and practice being mindful and present in the morning. It's more fun and inspiring when we know we aren't alone in this. 

I'm into keeping it simple - and this in itself takes practice!

For me - how I start off in the morning is so important. It sets the stage for my entire day. 

If I let my mind run free in the morning, it will start reciting a lengthy 'to do' list and I won't be present at all. I also won't be connected to myself, gratitude or life.

How about setting an intention to be present with 1 or 2 of these things we do every morning?...

Look in the Mirror - Say 'I love you.' Notice how you feel. Is it easy and relaxing or is there is resistance or discomfort? p.s. It isn't selfish to love and take care of ourselves. It is selfless.

Having a Shower - Feel the water as it washes over your skin, notice the temperature, what it feels like as you wash your hair or scrub your body with soap. Sing a song. I LOVE doing this!

Music - Put on some nice, relaxing music as you are getting ready for work. Avoid the news with negative, fear-based messages.

Brushing Your Teeth - Be aware of the texture of the toothpaste; how it feels as you brush each tooth; how your hands and arms move. Be grateful for your teeth. Be curious of it all - just like you were when you were a child.

Talk to your body - Think of your body like a friend. Tell your body how grateful you are for what it does for you. The body loves this!

Eating Breakfast - Chew your food slowly. Really taste it. Your body will digest the food so much better.

Meditate - Take some time to sit and be still.

Be aware of your thoughts or your wandering mind - And then choose to bring your focus to your breath.

Driving to work, school  - Be present, enjoy the drive. Let go of those future thoughts of what you will be doing.

We do most of these things every single morning.

Being mindful means we are being present while we are doing them.

A young child is present when they are doing all of these things. So it is literally going back to that state of being present and curious - rather than on autopilot.

Try it- and I'd love to hear from you if it changes your day in any way. 

Have a wonderful week!